Agile Leadership dogma

Agile Leadership is a mindset that applies to many roles in an organization e.g. Scrum Master, Department Manager, Agile Coach, Product Owner, etc.  In the beginning of the year, I attended a workshop for Certified Agile Leadership to get more knowledge and tools into Bankdata. The output of the workshop is another workshop used inside Bankdata to discuss the topic.

Below are some of the key “take a ways” from the agile leadership workshop in Bankdata context:

Your leadership

  • Be coaching, democratic, affiliative and authorative when needed over coercive and pace-setting
  • Be supportive over not micro-managing
  • Define goals, success factors and necessary conditions over defining solutions
  • Be transparent and inclusive over managing by fear
  • Observe and orient over deciding and acting
  • Be aware that a problem can be simple from one perspective and chaotic from another over thinking you have the solution to every problem
  • Optimise end-to-end over sub-optimizing
  • Be aware of the causal effects impacting your stakeholder over being blind to side effects
  • Help things go right over dealing with things going wrong

Your colleagues

  • Challenge your colleagues to have an “outside in” perspective over an ego-centric perspective
  • Empower your colleagues and demand that self-organize over assigning individual tasks
  • Develop your colleagues and risk they leave over keeping them at any price

Your team

  • Strive to build teams with strong clan and adhocracy score over hierachy and market score
  • Strive to build self-governing teams over manager led
  • Strive for antifragility in teams over settling for fragile teams
  • The workshop has been held with the Agile Coaches in Bankdata and is planned for Scrum Masters and management in April.

The target group for the workshop is not only managers but also Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Development Team members. During the workshop we discuss agile leadership and explore tools to support the journey.

Feel free to contact me to learn more about the topic.

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