From vision to individual competencies

Most teams have been working on Product Visions, but many stop here not considering how the team its team members fit.

  • Team objective: It can be a good idea to define and articulate a sentence describing Team Purpose in relation to the overall – and long term – Product Vision. Team Purpose is a combination of the specific tasks the team performs, as well as the expected future tasks in relation to the Product Vision.
  • Team name: To support a team feeling the team generate a name. Team name could be created as a summary of the Product Vision and/or Team Purpose – Alternatively a more imaginative name used, e.g. “the pirates” or “polar bears”.
  • Team Competencies: It provides great value to identify team members individual competences. The value lies in creating awareness about the individual’s skills, but just as much in relation to personal development. In the example above the primary skills are marked with green (deep knowledge) and the secondary with yellow (broad knowledge).

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